Still Thirsty?

Still Thirsty? Algae "Bloom" - Reuters

Still Thirsty?
Algae “Bloom” – Reuters

On our way to Toledo to help my daughter Katrina pack for her move, my family stopped for lunch in Ft. Wayne. Just before we got back on the road, Katrina called. “Buy lots of bottled water.” Toledo’s water department had warned residents not to drink or cook with tap water. The water supply was contaminated by a toxin released by algae in Lake Erie. Boiling wouldn’t help. We were amazed to find just 4 hours after the emergency was announced in Toledo, the run on bottled water had already gone regional reaching us an hour away in the Ft. Wayne Meijer store.

The hotel desks handed out water bottles with the room key and we couldn’t order “Frostie” shakes at Wendy’s, because the water was unreliable. After we finished the packing, while driving home from Toledo, we saw people standing in line at water distribution points manned by National Guard water purification units. From constant reminders like this that the water was contaminated, we learned how precious clean water is.

But “Living water” is even better than clean water! 20-30 minutes with Jesus was all it took to convince a woman to leave her everyday water pot beside the well in Sychar, Samaria. She wasn’t heedless to leave behind an essential possession she used every day. And she wasn’t frightened of the strange men, Jesus’ disciples, who joined him at the well.

No, nothing else seemed important anymore. The prophet with “living water” was at her village well right now. He could even be the Messiah! Even though the people in her town despised her as an adulteress and could easily just laugh at her, Jesus had forgiven her. Her village had to meet Him.

Have we had a thirsty conversation with Jesus recently? Do we have “water pots” worth dropping so our neighbors can hear we have found “living water?”


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