Parallels with Joshua

CSL Dave

David, Faith & Ethics Teacher. C.S. Lewis School. Bratislava, Slovakia

On my recent trip in Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia, I was struck by the parallels between the efforts of young leaders to create new spaces to share their faith and the task set for Joshua to free Canaan for occupation by the Jewish nation.

Joshua was: Our partners:
·       Often outnumbered by stronger armies fighting on their home turf. ·       Compete with governments agencies with only limited financial or people resources.
·       Promised victories in every place where his feet would tread. ·       Are responsible to go and disciple the nations, especially their own whether received as respected “insiders” or rejected as suspected “outsiders.”
·       Mandated to destroy sick, idolatrous cities in Canaan desperate enough to use deceptive ploys to stay alive. ·       Decide how to work with local officials whether they recognize the worth of these efforts; or are corrupt and faithless.

David is the son of one of the original founders of the school. He graduated from CS Lewis School, earned a degree abroad and has now returned to help a new generation implement faith in their lives. He talked with me about his students’ desire to create a coffee bar in the old Soviet building their high school moved into this fall. Yes, David as their teacher, is building a platform for youth to learn basic lessons of business and financial responsibility. He also represents a next generation spiritual leader obeying the command to go and disciple a new generation.

The director of Wycliffe Russia just emailed a letter about the challenges faced by the 14 Russian families and 8 singles sent to work in Africa and India to translate the Scriptures. The ruble dropped nearly 50% in value over the last year. Russian churches are unable to compensate by doubling their current support in a horrible economy. Missionary families are cutting their expenses and making decisions about coming home early or not.

Yes, it is tough to go and disciple the nations. But over 30 Russians did follow our Savior’s command and are writing the Scripture into new languages, when none of them could have imagined this opportunity two decades ago!


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