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Glacier and a Slideshow

"The earth is the Lord’s" - Glacier Nat’l Park, 2011

America is such a beautiful country! I have wanted to see Glacier National Park ever since my grandfather showed us one of his summer vacation slideshows. (If you are under 40, a “slideshow” was the 70’s equivalent of Facebook.) I am now a witness. The bighorn sheep, mountain goats, vistas and glaciers are all still there!

For 3 days we drove past 1800 miles of cornfields, combines and pastures. Most of our country is serving some useful purpose. Very few places were barren. Expecting tumbleweeds during a fill-up in southeast Montana, we found stewardship and love of beauty alive next door at an amazing antique and ice cream shop run by a Christian family. Americans have a great heritage of beauty and industry!

Like most everyone I’ve been following what our government and markets have been up to for the last month or so. It is discouraging to watch headlines of bickering, name-calling and sometimes panic from those we trust to lead us.

David declared that God owns it all – mountains, harvest, gold … our future. “The earth is the LORD’s and all it contains, the world, and all those who dwell in it.” Psa. 24:1.

Bless you who do believe Him and who prove it by investing in God’s Kingdom even in the midst of turmoil.



YFC Poland Youth Mentor

Who can forget watching a creature that begins a caterpillar, transmutes into a pupae and emerges a butterfly? Not one molecule of DNA changed! The contrast is so dramatic we barely believe the beautiful butterfly and the creeping caterpillar are exactly the same on the inside.

What we see today is not what must exist tomorrow. A butterfly theology gives me the patience to wait for the beauty God is preparing out of what looks ugly today.

Each ministry in our network shares the DNA of Christ and desires to pass along His traits. In essence both Christians and the communities of grace they grow in are at root the same no matter how different their strategy looks or their language sounds. Master Class, Music School, Ethics Course, Music Festival, Israel Trip, Retreat for Pastors, Youth Camp, Mentor. All reach the lost and in Christ disciple them for His glory.

Pray for the butterflies to emerge.