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Making a Difference

In our chaotic world, can one decision make a difference?

In February a merchandising representative in Ohio was offering samples to passing shoppers. This lady noticed an envelope forgotten on a shelf and discovered $120 inside! At the end of her shift, this rep chose to turn the cash over to the store manager. Store policy was to return unclaimed lost items to the finder after 30 days. Sure enough no one claimed the envelope. The cash was hers. Right?

Stop for a moment. What would you do with an extra $120? Splurge on a nice meal out? Order 3 yards of mulch? My cynical post Soviet readers would have assumed the manager or the store would have found a way to make the cash disappear by the end of the month.

This rep decided this money was an opportunity from God. Her opportunity turned into a way to help give each member of the CS Lewis school graduating class in Bratislava a Bible along with their diploma this year. An envelope ~ A choice ~ A blessing.

We love the blessing of creative givers: professional advice streamlined our office systems, airmiles helped a partner who travels often to Africa and print discounts lowered our overhead costs.

Free choices do make a difference.